Woodard Family Foundation | FAQs
The Woodard Family Foundation supports charitable and philanthropic work, particularly in education, economic advancement, social service and the arts in communities of particular interest to the family. The Woodard Foundation also exists to promote family giving by providing a forum for family members to affirm their core values, honor a common legacy in Oregon and promote and encourage family philanthropy. The Woodard Family Foundation only makes grants to preselected charities and only accepts proposals from organizations that are invited to submit a proposal.
Woodard Family Foundation
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The beautiful hillsides of Oregon.

The beautiful hillsides of Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept unsolicited proposals?
We do not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry and applications for grants. Grant requests may only be submitted upon an invitation to apply and after the Foundation has assigned you an account name and password.


If you have been invited to apply and received a user name and password, please click HERE.




How will I know if you received my electronic application?
You will receive an email shortly after submitting an application acknowledging receipt of the application. Please do not contact us to inquire on the status of an inquiry form submitted.



What is your minimum grant amount and how often are grants considered?
The Board of Directors meets twice per year, usually in the first and third quarters. All grant decisions for amounts in excess of $5,000 are decided at those meetings. The minimum grants requests is $500 (not including matching grants and those located in Cottage Grove) and are decided on a rolling basis.



I have made an inquiry via your website contact e-mail and office phone, but have not received a response. Why not?
The Foundation staff does its best to respond to every inquiry, but we have a small staff and cannot respond to inquiries immediately but make every effort to respond in a timely manner.